Science & Art Residency Update

Science & art collaboration continues, and I am in my final month of a residency with The SciArt Center of NYC's program--The Bridge.  This week, Jame and I decided to meet in person and work on some embroidery projects at a cafe in Brooklyn.  I arrived with a set of embroidery hoops, needles, and a variety of embroidery thread and several pieces of fabric to choose from.  We each selected fabric for our projects, and traced our designs right onto the fabric using markers.  Jame outlined a bird with its wings outstretched (see close-up of the wing on purple fabric below), and I started work on a miniature mountain scene.

After tracing the designs, we tightened the fabric into each hoop, and begin our first stitch--a split stitch.  The split stitch is perfect for outlining large areas as it creates a bold and unbroken perimeter. See Jame’s excellent split stitch outlining the bird wing to the right.

After the split stitch we moved onto the chain stitch. Jame added feathers to the bird wing and I began working on some clouds.  This stitch was a nice selection for both of these purposes since the chain stitch provided a billowy texture for both the clouds and feathers.

Rob Crystal-OrnelasComment