First research trip to Puerto Rico

Preparations are well underway for my first field trip to Puerto Rico with fellow labmates at Hunter College.  We'll spend 10 days driving the perimeter of the island searching for non-native, brood parasitic Pin-Tailed Whydahs and their potential hosts.  During this trip, I'm looking forward to scouting out locations for longer stints of field research, and characterizing the PTW winter behavioral patterns.  It will be interesting to see where they choose to forage, and if they're in large groups of conspecifics or mixed species flocks. 



While traveling I'm hoping to finish up this newly revised version of Invasion Ecology by one of my advisors, Dr. Julie Lockwood, at Rutgers University. Thus far, it's been a great read which has helped to further my thoughts on how Whydahs and other non-native species have successfully established populations in novel habitat.