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Meta-research in invasion ecology

I investigate broad patterns in publication biases within invasion ecology.  To do this, I am conducting a systematic review of over 1,500 articles focused on invasive species impacts in natural ecosystems. My work highlights the impacts, species, ecosystems, and spatial scales that critically lack research.

Predicting the spread of avian invaders

The Pin-tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura) is commonly found in the pet trade and has been successfully introduced to Puerto Rico and southern California. I have developed models that predict habitat suitability for this invasive bird based on both available climate in US as well as host birds that it can parasitize. The models suggest that Hawaii, the west coast of the US, and many island in the Antilles contain suitable habitat and hosts for the whydah to expand its range.

Photo credit: Eric Fishel

Photo credit: Eric Fishel