Ecological meta-research

Rob Crystal-Ornelas, Ph.D.


In May 2019 I received my PhD in Ecology and Evolution from Rutgers University as part of the Lockwood Lab.

I specialize in using data synthesis (e.g., meta-analysis and systematic review) to make sense of the immense amount of ecological data available at our fingertips.

I am the chair of the Ecological Society of America's Student Section.

I make art and host a podcast called Science in Progress.


UC Davis’ Coastal and Marine Sciences department recently published thoughts on how graduate school is similar long-distance running here.

Check out my co-authored publication on the benefits of Sci-Art practices.  Open-access in the ESA Bulletin.

My podcast Science in Progress is available anywhere you find podcasts!  In each episode, I interview students and research techs about their experiences beginning careers in science.


My research on the Pin-tailed Whydah, an invasive brood parasite, published in The Condor.  Also, written-up in the New York Times, Smithsonian Magazine, Mother Nature Network!


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